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Plain Wood Rounds - Local Pickup

Plain Wood Rounds - Local Pickup

  • Shiplap wood rounds Laser cut Round 12", 15" or 18" Birch Sign Blanks.
  • 1/4" Wood (actual .203") 
  • Quality Birch - Formaldehyde free, made with soy.
  • Choose with or without holes!
  • These do not come with sanded edges.  They will ship as shown in photos.


We are a husband and wife wood working duo on a mission provide supplies for other makers while we also do our own custom logo/laser designs!



 This is a wood product, sometimes thickness of the product will vary slightly. Wood may have natural grain marks, knots, varying coloration, etc. Diameter may vary up to 1/4" due to cutting space on our laser. You may find filled spots where knots were filled but they will never be on both sides. ***We will not provide refunds or exchanges for pieces that are within these descriptions.


*****Wood may have a tendancy to warp when exposed to our shop humidity, then shipped in varying temperatures, then sat in your home/shop temp/humidity.  This comes with the territory of wood and will happen with any seller's product.  If you find your wood item seems warped out of the package, let it adjust to room temperature and YOUR humidity under a heavy item if possible.  This will aid in bringing it back.  Wood naturally flexes with varying temps and humidity. This is something you should expect to see at times of drastic temperatures.  In winter, here, in Kansas it can range from below 0 degrees to 60 degrees and then we ship to your climate.

    PriceFrom $4.50
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